Senior Materials Engineer

Doha, Qatar

General Description
• Provide specific compliance to all the material specifications of the Project
• Draft or review material Management Plan related documents as required
• Attendance at relevant meetings
• Effective and timely reporting to the Project Manager
• Ensures that Projects constructed are as per Ashghal approved specification
• Overall responsibility for Material Quality Control & Quality Assurance for all relevant activities within the Department
• Review and ensure specification compliance and are incorporated in Material submissions
• Provide progress reports as and when required
• Identify, develop and promote material management register
• Compliance with International standards like BS, ISO, DIN in addition to QCS 2014.

Skills and Competencies
• Minimum 18 years’ post graduate experience with experience in major infrastructure Projects or programmes. Preference will be given to Drainage
• Pipeline, Wastewater Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations, TSE Pipelines, Surface Ground Water Systems, Underground Services and Civil Structures related experience.
• Demonstrable track record in the delivery of large multidisciplinary Projects
• Well versed in quality improvement techniques, resolving issues, carrying out root cause analysis and non‐conformance investigations
• Technically proficient in all aspects of Material Management Systems
• Effective in building good working relationships within complex structures, both internally and with various Project stakeholders

Key Responsibilities
• Advise, guide and support managers in the implementation of Material Management practices for the Project.
• Development of the Material management plan and ensure alignment with Project requirements
• Provide technical support on all Material Quality related issues and lead the team to develop procedures and plans
• Ensure implementation of quality standards and control
• Implementing Quality Management System
• To ensure the material specification compliance is met for all Project related items and follows standards mentioned in the contract document.
• To ensure that all Project material follows the approved manufacturer list as per PWA guidelines.
• Audit Material submittals
• Review monthly reports and provide feedback and advice
• Ensure that the schedule produced is maintained and kept up‐to date
• Review the schedule with each Project Manager within DNPD
• To review the risk register on a periodic basis and ensure that risks and issues with respect to Material quality are being review, monitored and controlled accordingly
• Monitor policies and procedures and report any areas where improvement is required

Qualifications & Criteria
Mandatory Requirements
• University degree from a recognized University in an appropriate field or equivalent
• Evidence of a suitable professional qualification or equivalent
• Excellent communication skills in English, written and spoken
• Driver’s License

Desirable requirements
• Master’s degree in a relevant field
• Arabic language skills
• Experience of working in Qatar and / or the Gulf region