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PSTech is a subsidiary of EMFI Group companies currently registered to operate within the State of Qatar. This company was established in 2007. PSTech brings years of experience in an effort to provide the “very best” in Facility Management and Operations & Maintenance Support Services, Our personnel can rapidly and actively familiarize themselves with the project requirement and issues PSTech takes all the appropriate steps in order to provide the services in a professional manner using latest standard technology & sound project management with all effective and active procedures.

Narendra Aryal

Manager – Admin & Operations

Building Manforce ground up, Narendra currently leads the pack. With a keen insight into the market and the industry, he has been steadily steering Manforce on its growth path since its inception. Decisive in action and meticulous in approach, he is a people person who leads the business with heart.
With an MBA in finance, Narendra can easily plot the numbers that matter against the opportunities to weigh and assess what fuels the brand. It makes his strategic decisions objective and measurable.
A Toastmaster, an ace communicator, and a Nepali at heart, Narendra still finds time for reading and getting himself updated with the changing philosophies of the world.

Bishworaj Sigdel

Finance Controller

Bisworaj is at the helm of the group finance. Fortifying the balance sheet at every juncture of growth, he manages a host of crucial aspects from overseeing financial compliance to designing the overall strategic financial plan of the brand.
An ace financial controller, Bisworaj brings 18 years of banking experience across different geographies. An open-to-all mentor, he takes a keen interest in building the next generation of leaders who are analytical, objective, and detail-oriented.
A true Nepali at heart, Hetuada-born Bisworaj loves to track upcoming trends and developments that reshape the global financial landscape.

Sasidharan Nair

Manager – Client Relations

Sashidharan Nair oversees the construction, contracting, interiors, and furniture verticals in Manforce. His 45 years of experience in sales and marketing equips him to quickly understand the segments and customise a solution bespoke to the clients.
Before joining Manforce, he founded an Ayurvedic service centre and established the brand in India with its healing techniques and product lines. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, he served in the FMCG sector and travelled the world learning what beats in which geography.
An avid reader, Sashidharan loves to get immersed in books when he is not interacting with the clients.

Rabindranath Biswas

Executive - Administration

As an Administrative Supervisor, Rabindranath Biswas, or Rabin, looks into the seamless integrations of the departmental engagements. He spearheads employee welfare programs and shoulders internal brand-building activities. Crucial to multiple facets of operations, Rabin serves as the interface between the board and the people on the field.
An educational aficionado, Rabin carries more than a decade of experience in the healthcare industry that rides on his double masters in medical science and management.
An environmentalist at the core, Rabin has actively contributed to the Kyoto Protocol under the Al Gore Treaty in 2018.

Faizanur Rahman

Public Relations Officer


Ashna Tamang

Officer Business Development

Sophina is at the centre of the brand’s communication network. Whether within the office within the camp or with suppliers and clients, she ensures every stakeholder stays abreast of their respective functions and responsibilities. Whether an operational or financial update, Sophina keeps the data and information primed to facilitate any critical decision.
With 8 years of experience in coordination, she diligently ensures all communication channels of Manforce function like clockwork.
Hailing from the heartland of Nepal, Sophina loves to spend time with her family and travel during her off hours.

Bibek Bhomjan

Vendor management Officer

Bibek has seen Manforce grow from its inception. As an integral part of the organisation, he picked up training in client relations, partner management, and vendor management. In his current position, he oversees the network of vendors and ensures the clients never hit a mobilisation roadblock. To manage resources, equipment, uniforms, or mandated accessories, Bibek has optimised the processes to manage centrally without compromising on efficiency and transparency.
Hailing from Hetauda (Nepal), Bibek takes a keen interest in sketching, learning languages and playing guitar when he is not working.

Indira Poudel

Accounts Officer

Indira Paudel's remarkable journey began in the serene hilly landscape of Nepal. Armed with determination and a thirst for knowledge, she embarked on a path of continuous growth and accomplishment.
Her pursuit of education led her to the attainment of a Master's degree in Business Studies, a testament to her dedication and academic prowess. With over 15 years of experience in the realm of accounting, Indira's expertise has been honed through her diverse professional engagements.

Sophina Tamang

Correspondence Executive

Indira is the lifeblood of the Manforce finance department. From internal cash flow reports to clients’ statements of accounts to suppliers’ debit notes to third-party payable details, she ties all of them to keep the stakeholders updated on the brand’s financial status on a day-to-day basis.
Indira brings more than a decade of financial experience that enables her to single-handedly manage the entire spectrum of finance operations in Manforce.
A nimble and diligent individual from Kathmandu (Nepal), Indira loves to read and stay motivated with inspirational soul-searching literature.

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PSTech seeks technological breakthroughs by anticipating customer and market requirements and utilizing its innovative expertise to satisfy those needs.

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