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People drive growth. They innovate, implement, interact, and influence the brand value they are associated with. Irrespective of industries, the contribution of people takes a pivotal stance – that is the historical truth. We understand the role of people in the growth of a business, organisation, industry or even state is critical. Hence, we built a global team with skillsets pulled in from different geographies. Trained in respective trades, the team is ready for you to plug and play.


Power Systems & Information Technology(PSTech) company based in Qatar.


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We are the go-to solution for construction companies in need of skilled personnel. We provide a wide range of human resources, from environmental engineering to on-site labour, to meet the demands of any project. Our team can supply skilled professionals for any role within the value chain, including traffic controllers, general managers, riggers, crane operators, plant managers, and site supervisors. This is the reason our clients trust us to deliver the right personnel to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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Engineering & Procurement Service(EPS) is a USA Based company.EPS manages facilities in the USA and oversea

Agriculture & Landscaping​

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With the world’s population increasing at an alarming rate, the need for agricultural practices has become more significant than ever. To keep up with the demand, agriculture requires different types of personnel, such as farmers, agronomists, agricultural engineers, greenhouse labours, and packers among others. We have them all. The efficient use of semiskilled and skilled resources can help increase productivity in agriculture. With their expertise, they can streamline the processes involved in planting, harvesting, and processing crops, leading to better yields and higher profits for farmers.


Modern Power Systems(MPS) is based in Kuwait.The international monthly magazine Modern Power Systems.

Oil & Gas​

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The oil and gas industry is unique in its need for resources to work both on land and at sea. These resources must be able to handle a variety of tasks across multiple departments, including planning, operations, and quality control. We recognize that the industry relies heavily on engineers, welders, pump operators, designers, and jointers. Our pool of resources is well-equipped to handle complex roles. Their pre-join training and the orientation program make them productive, efficient and process-oriented so that our clients do not have to invest time in overhead activities.


FuTech is based in Egypt. Recognised as an industry leader in Assets Lifecycle Management


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When our clients look to fill various roles in the marine gas mining industry, we step up. Our team of dedicated resources for marine projects includes seamen, marine engineers, project directors, and other essential team members such as drillers, electricians, welders, scaffolders, mechanics, planners, and team leaders. Our clients count on us to help them meet project milestones with our team members. Even if the assignments are time sensitive, we ensure they do not miss the SLAs.


Power Systems & Information Technology(PSTech) is Based in OMAN.


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Maintaining a clean and organised environment in educational institutions is crucial for the health and well-being of students, teachers, and staff. It needs proper hygiene practices and smooth execution of administrative responsibilities. Our pool of resources comprises administrative executives, housekeeping personnel, electricians, plumbers, and cleaners, to execute administrative and cleaning tasks effectively. We guarantee that our clients’ students and staff stay safe and healthy, allowing them to solely focus on their academic pursuits.

PSTech seeks technological breakthroughs by anticipating customer and market requirements and utilizing its innovative expertise to satisfy those needs.

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